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*** COVID-19 UPDATE ***

All sessions are back in-person with the option to join online. In light of the recent announcement we are asking parents stay outside when dropping off and collecting children, and that they wear a face mask.

For parents sitting in on 1-2-1 sessions, please wear a mask at all times.

Dance Squad Pre-School - Summer 2022

Dance Squad Pre-School - Summer 2022

Here is why you should join Dance Squad Pre School  

 Through dance performance, we explore key themes over a 12 week block. Take part as we teach you techniques that showcase storytelling, characterisation and musicality. Watch as we share our dance version of the story we have been exploring throughout the course. Join us for the end of term performance by our Pre-School Squad members! 


Fun & Enjoyment  

 From a very young age, children respond to music with movement, and this movement and fun will come naturally to your pre-school child. 



 Watch your child gain confidence to explore their own creativity and style. 



 Your child will gain the confidence and creativity to showcase their storytelling, characterisation and musicality at the end of each term. 



Develop your child’s performing skills so they can achieve a performance which is engaging and connect with the audience. 


See what our members say…  



The other stuff you need to know 

 These sessions take place on Tuesday, 9.30-10.15am. Children will need leggings, a BHVA t-shirt, bare feet and hair tied up. 

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Week 1

What a fab first week on our new book The Bug Dance by Stuart Murphy. Can you use the help sheet to practice our dance at home? Remember its okay if we wobble, just like the bugs we get back up and try again!! 


Stay Amazing! 

Week 2

 You are really getting the hang of left and right well done. We had lots of fun doing the hokey cokey this week to help us with left and right. 

Stay amazing!

Week 3

Turn to the left turn to the right, turning, turning everywhere!! We learnt some tricks to stop us getting dizzy and had so much fun when we discovered with 4 quarter turns, we end up back where we started. Practice your turn and stops at home this week with your help sheet.   


Stay Amazing! 



Week 4

This week was all about making all of our amazing move’s travel in different directions, making sure we do a sharp turn on those corners and remembering if we are going to the left or the right. You did such a good job practicing your moves today keep practising at home! 


Stay Amazing! 



Week 5

We certainly showed those Bugs that we can do the bug dance as well. Can you teach your grown ups at home the bug dance and see if they can end up back where they started? Remember always turn to the right! 


Stay Amazing! 



Week 6

We got ready to go on our travels today. We packed out suitcases, flew away and landed in China. Wow what an exciting journey we had learning about all the different animals the Chinese celebrate each year. Can you use the help sheet to practice them at home? I wonder where we will go next week? 


Stay Amazing! 



Week 7

We had so much fun in China last week this week we packed our bags again and off we went to Egypt. We had so much fun travelling along the Nile. Can you show your grown ups how we made our pyramids? Use the help sheet to see if you can remember. 


Stay Amazing! 



Week 9

This week we went to India to celebrate Holi the colour festival. Can you remember what movements we did to each colour? What other colours can you find at home?

Stay Amazing!

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