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*** COVID-19 UPDATE ***

All sessions are back in-person with the option to join online. In light of the recent announcement we are asking parents stay outside when dropping off and collecting children, and that they wear a face mask.

For parents sitting in on 1-2-1 sessions, please wear a mask at all times.

Drama Squad Infants - Summer 2022

Drama Squad Infants - Summer 2022

Here is why you should join Drama Squad Infants 

 Through drama games and performances, we explore key themes over a 12 week block. Take part as we teach you techniques that showcase characterisation, emotion and storytelling. Watch as we share our newly discovered knowledge of technique and acting. Join us for the end of term performance by our Drama Squad Infants members!  


Fun & Enjoyment 

 From a very young age, children respond to words with movement, and this movement and fun will come naturally to your child. 



 Watch your child gain confidence to explore their own creativity and style. 



 Your child will gain the confidence and creativity to showcase their storytelling, emotion and characterisation at the end of each term. 



 Develop your child’s performing skills so they can achieve a performance which is engaging and connects with the audience. 


The other stuff you need to know 

 These sessions take place on Thursdays, 4.15-5pm. Children well need leggings, a BHVA t-shirt and hair tied up. 

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Week 1

This week we looked at The story of the secret Garden! We also looked at a few of the characters. We focused on the physicality of each characters and how they are different ! answering the questions: How do they walk? How do they Talk and interact with eachother How do they stand? How do these all change when a different emotion is 

Week 2

This week we Re-capped the story of the secret Garden and talked about Mary Lennox and Colin Craven. We looked at both characters physicality and attitude towards other characters, we talked about some descriptive words for each character. We got into character and walked around the room thinking about our characters personality and how it would change around certain people.  

Week 4

This week we had a look as a group at a small script on the meeting of Mary and colin! We had a look at what kind of emotions flowed through the script.  

Week 5

This week we worked on the script between Mary and Colin during their first meeting, we focused on what kind of emotions are in the script and how they change, we also worked on some key words for script work!

Week 9

This week we worked on creating an end of term movement piece based on the movement in the garden, we were looking at some key words!  

Circumduction- a body part circling in movement  

Locomotor movement- a movement that allows the body to travel across the space (e.g. skipping, hopping, running etc….) 

 Non-Locomotor movement- a movement that doesn’t allow you to move around the space (e.g. stretching, swaying, extending) 

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