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*** COVID-19 UPDATE ***

All sessions are back in-person with the option to join online. In light of the recent announcement we are asking parents stay outside when dropping off and collecting children, and that they wear a face mask.

For parents sitting in on 1-2-1 sessions, please wear a mask at all times.

Sing Squad Seniors - Summer 2022

Sing Squad Seniors - Summer 2022

Here is why you should join Sing Squad Seniors

 Through vocal performance, we explore key themes over a 12 week block. Take part as we teach you techniques that showcase storytelling, characterisation and musicality. Watch as we share our newly discovered knowledge of technique and vocalising. Join us for the end of term performance by our Sing Squad Seniors members! 


Fun & Enjoyment 

 From a very young age, children communicate with sounds, and these sounds and fun will come naturally to your child. 



Watch your child gain confidence to explore their own creativity and style. 



 Your child will gain the confidence and creativity to showcase their storytelling, characterisation and musicality at the end of each term



 Develop your child’s performing skills so they can achieve a performance which is engaging and connect with the audience. 


See what our members say… 



The other stuff you need to know  

 These sessions take place on Tuesdays, 6.30-7.15pm. Children will need leggings/ joggers and a BHVA t-shirt. 


10 Sections


Check out our terms and conditions, and other policies in this section. 


Click here to access all the pieces we’re working on this term in Sing Squad Seniors. 


In each folder you’ll have access to the words, backing tracks and rehearsal tracks. 

The Secret Garden



It was brilliant to see you back in your sessions this week. We’ve missed your faces over the Easter holidays. 


This term we are going to be focussing on The Secret Garden and our articulators. 


We looked at four articulators this week: the jaw, tongue, lips and teeth.  


We then listened to It’s a Maze – find the track here (Jade/Mercy - use link https://open.spotify.com/track/0rSV2j47K7V3JVZEqGUa6S?si=c952bc814e604f17


We looked to identify the different ways the articulators were used by each character to create the different qualities used by the actors. 


The next few weeks will see us exploring each of the articulators more. 


Stay amazing 


Week 2



Tis week we focussed on the jaw. We played around with how sounds can change whether we’re keeping our jaw restricted and closed, or over using it be opening it up more than ‘normal’ to say/sing words. 


We looked at a couple of stretching exercises – and enjoyed the massaging the cheeks as we went about relaxing and loosening the muscles.  


We had great fun trying it out in different ways with the song too. 


Stay amazing 


Week 3




We carried on with our jaw focus this week. We revisited what we discussed last time, and what happens if we restrict or exaggerate the movement of it. 


We then looked at what the jaw does in its day-to-day role. We discovered that chewing would cause the cheek muscles to tighten because they must bring the jaw up and break things down in our mouths. 


We explored the TMJ (temporomandibular joint) which connects the jaw to the skull, and where we ideally would like to jaw to go to in the socket when singing. 


This week think about which side of the mouth you chew on and come back ready with your answers for next session. 


Stay amazing 


Week 4



Loved exploring what side of the mouth you chewed on this week. 


We also began to look at our lips and explore how they can be used to brighten (open) or darken (close) sounds. 


Stay amazing 


Week 5



We continued exploring our lips, and the connection to the cheeks and jaw this week.  


I loved playing with alien sounds. What other sounds can you create this week? 


Stay amazing 


Week 6



Brilliant session this week. We finished our exploration of all but one of the articulators.


This week we discussed the teeth, gums, and palate.


We discovered that we have a hard palate and a soft palate.


We also discovered the soft palate can be raised or lowered, and what nasalised sounds are.


Stay amazing


Week 7



We started our exploration of the tongue this week. It’s a huge muscle with lots to explore, and this will be the focus for the next few weeks.


Today we looked at how the tongue can work with the soft palate, and use the exercise ‘ng-gar’ to help work the back of the tongue (the dorsum) and the soft palate at the same time.


Stay amazing


Week 8



This week we explored the tip of the tongue. 


We explored how it can help make different sounds and create precise articulation of consonants. 


Stay amazing 


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